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Finding A Room


Finding a room and roommate in some places are very challenging, to make it easier for the room and roommate searching friends, Roomster provides opportunity to list the rooms who are offering while it gives the opportunity to find rooms in different places who are seeking rooms, it is really easy to find a list of room at a particular place. Please log in with your Facebook Id to the link, search room with the place’s name. You will immediately notice list of rooms with details. Consequently, you will find the person on Facebook and contact directly if you search on Facebook with the name of the person. Along with that, you can also set the min or max price to refine the search.

To find Facebook groups in different Places, we highly recommend you to join our Facebook group and share your details requirements. Indeed, we will help you join helpful Facebook group pages. Please write us, we are delighted to be with you in your room or roommate search journey with full dedication, we carefully provide personalized service, listen to your particular situation, we are interested to social work and social activities. In some extend, we can arrange renting room for you, also to help you find roommates. In addition, all our services are free of any charges. We do not advice any paid services.

Finally, our goal is also to create social awareness regarding some spammers, scammers fake posts. Significant number of people who are victim of misleading information and wrong hands. Please visit the profile of the person who is offering the room, examine if the profile is recently created, note that, fake posts are indeed from the fake facebook account.

Perhaps, It is not wise to make any transactions without verification or without authenticity of the seller.  There are also some fraud and fake account of Facebook user offer loan and advance fee for banking fees, from our research hypothesis, all of them are fake and fraud.

Most noteworthy, scammers hide their locations, if you can locate the person and seems reliable then it is safe to make deals with them. We can support and help you with information, suggestions, verification, tips and advice to handle any unwanted situations. Please email us or like our Facebook page and join our Facebook group.

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